Monday, March 14, 2011

You are a Temple

The body is not just a human body you feed and clothe and give baths. It's first and foremost a temple. It is first designed as a worship sanctuary, second only as a human body we use for interacting with the world. Do you know that you are a temple?
My body-- God's temple: Are you using your body for Jesus?

But often, the body is used mainly as a tool for mundane interaction, period. We rarely use it as a real temple. We care about physical health, beauty, and wellness, but not about being a temple, a place of worship. Not even church people are aware that their bodies are temples, that their bodies are real places of worship. They still feel the need to go to a temple building to worship.

The body as a body should remain a second use. If it becomes the priority use (and remains at that), we destroy the body, and God promises he will destroy anyone who destroys the body, the temple of God. You are a temple--are you aware of that?

The body as a temple should always be kept fit as a worship place. Then, the body as a tool for interacting with the world should invite people to worship in the temple--their bodies--because each body is a temple. You are a temple. And if you're a fit temple for God, you invite other people to prepare their bodies as a fit temple for God as well. If you do this you've reached your full potential--your true life calling. You are a true success in God's eyes.

You are a temple. That's the first truth you should meditate and become.

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