Thursday, July 15, 2010

When a Typhoon Strikes! (Things to have)

Hunting Nature's Fury: A Storm Chaser's Obsession With Tornadoes, Hurricanes, and Other Natural Disasters
When a typhoon strikes, there are some vital things to have. So make sure you pay attention to these Malaliman (deeply) tips:

1. Extra batteries. And make sure they work, or better yet, brand new. During typhoon season add batteries to your shopping list always. You never know. 

2. Radio and flash lights. Of course, the batteries are for your radio and flashlights. In a blackout (or brownout, take your pick) you have to keep updated about the latest from the weather station. At least have one radio set, battery operated. The flashlight is for finding your way to where the radio is kept--and to the toilet, and while you're spending time in it.

3. Extra food. And make that canned food. Stock enough for 3 days. Canned goods are good for eating straight from the cans to your mouth. In case you and your spouse aren't in good terms, no need to worry about who's gonna cook. Just open a can and dump its contents straight to your mouth. Then stuff some bread in there, too, and burp! See?

4. Candles and matches. These are for use after you and your spouse cease fire and try to make up. Dinner with candle lights can help a lot here. Also, you can use them later to beat the brownout--or blackout, whatever.

5. Eggs. They're easy to cook. You can even just top them raw over hot steaming rice and that's it! And spice it up with a little soy sauce. Hmmm, my favorite!

When a typhoon strikes, you got to have the things to have way before it comes. Don't wait till it's arrived, and then you go out to the grocery store or food shop to get what you need. 
McDonalds Taz Tornado Tracker Happy Meal toy

In the US, it's the onset of summer. But don't think you don't need these tips. You never know when a typhoon suddenly strikes in summer, what with the crazy atmospheric alterations climate change brings. Don't laugh now, but one summer we in Manila had to deal with the phenomenon--typhoon in summer. And everybody was caught by surprise--beach boys in trunks suddenly finding themselves in the middle of a storm while swimming at the beach. So they opened their umbrellas because they might get wet in the rain.
Hurricane Tracker

When a typhoon strikes, you got to have the things to have when a typhoon is around. And I'm not just talking about storms or tornadoes or hurricanes--I'm also talking about a big mouth of a typhoon. You heard it first from Malaliman. Deeply!

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