Thursday, July 22, 2010

Life is a Gamble

Life's a Gamble So Is Death
But It's Not about Gambling

Malaliman (deeply) always believes that life is a big gamble. In fact, no part of it doesn't require a gamble. Before you were born, your parents took a chance at you. Especially your mother. And especially God. It's a big risk for God to let you in on His creation, and His plan.

Gambling makes you bet (or risk) money. A life gamble makes you risk (or bet) your life. When you decide to marry your would-be spouse you risked your life. You were willing to join him or her as one flesh, and which can never be undone even by today's annulment or divorce nonsense. It's a life you risked, and for life you will have to stand firm for it.

But some folks don't get it. They gamble and then quit. Life gamblers never quit. They bet all in and wait for the cards to be served. And they look at the cards and face all odds. No retreat, no surrender. And with a life gamble, you always win--as long as you never quit. The moment you quit you lose, no matter if you think you're off the hook. 
Building Blocks of Life: Life Is a Gamble

And because life is always a gamble at every step, Malaliman (deeply) sees the need to sometimes assume a poker face--not against your spouse or loved ones, but against the enemy. You need to mislead them into thinking you're bankrupt--when in fact, Apostle Paul says, "All things are yours."

There are those who do not bet in life. And they live comfy lives. You see them active in church, settled in what "ministry" God has given them. But the fact is, they're not in the "game." Some religious spirits will say, "Ministry is not a game. It's a serious thing!" 

Oh, but it is a game. And God hands out the cards. You have to bet. If you don't, you're not in the game. It means you don't believe in the game, if you know what I mean. You can only truly believe the moment you risk--and to be exact, if you bet all in. It's all or nothing. 
(Life Is A) Gamble

With a life gamble--and if you're in with the card Master--the fact of betting means you've won already. You may lose some in material possessions or earthly positions or standing--but you're a winner just because you bet. You risked. And to God, that kind of investment is real faith. True Faith is losing all because you believe. "He who wants to save his life will lose it. He who loses it for my sake will find it." The word loses there is actually taking a dangerous risk.

Some people think faith is when you don't take part in the game. They think faith is avoiding any bet. They think attending a Christian church faithfully is faith. So all their lives they haven't risked a single limb, except perhaps quote verses religiously everyday on their FaceBook accounts. 
Life Is A Gamble

Faith is more than that. It's betting your life all-in--and then looking like a loser to everyone. But in the end, you know who really won and who really lost. Jesus looked a loser in every way. He lost everything. Pilate and Herod reconciled and celebrated and had it all. But in a very deep sense, you know who really won.

Malaliman (deeply)

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