Tuesday, June 1, 2010

How about Mercury in Fish?

Malaliman loves seafoods, especially fish. But how about mercury in fish? Sometime in 2004 authorities came up with reports that too much fish may put too much mercury in your system. The result? High levels of the element can double the risk of heart attacks, plus other deadly ailments like mercury poisoning. So what do we seafood lovers do now?

Experts say eat fish at least 2 times a week for a healthy heart, but go very easy on canned white tuna and grouper--fish groups that are high in mercury. Enjoy tuna now and then but don't eat it daily, more so each meal! Of course, they're high in Omega-3 but you don't want too much mercury in your system, do you? Again, the rule of thumb here is, everything in moderation. That takes care of the question, "How about mercury in fish?"

Okay, you want a list of fish low in mercury. Well, you got it! Pala-Isip thinks of everything for you guys. That's exactly why I'm nicknamed Pala-Isip--I always think about things that will benefit my readers--especially fish lovers. My nephew is one heck of a fish lover! He has dozens of them swimming in his aquarium. So does my father-in-law who has a mini-size fishpond at his backyard. Now where was I....
Fish Oil (Enteric-Coated) 100 sgels

Oh yes! The fish list! Try striped bass, Atlantic Mackerel (my late dad loved this!), Salmon, Herring, Sablefish, and freshwater Trout, among many others. Of course, you can get Omega-3 from ready to swallow supplements (to stop worrying and asking yourself how about mercury in fish) but you'd miss out on the joy of grilling or cooking fish, not to mention the fulfillment in catching them yourself!

My favorite fish? A lot--among them Lapu-Lapu. Ever tried Chinese style steamed tuna? With its soft and juicy meat? Or any sweet and sour fish fillet. Oh my! These are a bit expensive in posh seafood restaurants, but you and your family can have it more often (not daily, though) when you have earned enough from your online business. Online business? Yup, Malaliman (Deeply) has prepared something for you. See below....

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