Saturday, May 15, 2010


Soi-disant. The first time I saw this word I thought it was a soy brand. Then, thinking again, I thought it was a foreign word that meant "see in the distance." After more reflection and research, I found out that "soi "in French is oneself and "disant" is saying. Combined, it means how you say or express yourself. In short, "self-styled."

Soi-disant is now part of the English vocabulary by adoption. If somebody is self-styled you may say he is soi-disant. That means he is unique and has a mind of his own. He does not easily go with the crowd. He always does things his way, with his signature on it. If you don't preach like every other preacher, you're a soi-disant preacher. 

Most people pray long prayers. If they pray for a meal, they think they always have to make it a bit longer. But if you pray differently like Jesus--with his simple "Gee, thanks" before feeding the 5000--you're a soi-disant believer; something what the church is in bad need of, Malaliman believes deeply.

Soi-disant: Life Writing In French 
In fact, the world is in need of more soi-disant individuals who use their imagination to improve things further and not afraid to go against the tide. They do not just go along with how people often do things; they do it their style. Soi-disant thinkers and doers are pioneers and geniuses. But most soi-disasnt people are mocked and even persecuted--just because they're different.

So, soi-disant..anyone?

Malaliman. Deeply.

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