Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Stay Inspired to the Max!

How to stay inspired to the max! Everyone needs this info to stay inspired with his or her job, boss, family, church, spouse, and life. So, here's what Malaliman (deeply) has to say:
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1. To stay inspired to the max, stay inspired to the max. Make it a habit to make it a goal to be automatically inspired all the time. In short, it all depends on you. Do it!

2. They say you have got to always think positively and ignore the negative. WRONG! If you do that, you won't stay inspired. You'd remain deceived. True inspiration is an appreciation of how positives and negatives all work out together for good. Thus, to stay inspired to the max, see the art in the positive and negative of life and creation--then appreciate it well.

3. They say look only at the good side of people to stay inspired to the max. WRONG again! What would have happened if God did that? Then Jesus wouldn't have died on the cross despite our sins. But Jesus did die, because God looked at both the good and bad sides of humans--good enough to save them and bad enough to save them, too. So He was inspired to the max to send His only Son to die for us. See? See both the good and bad in people and learn to stay inspired nonetheless.
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4. Do what you love doing. Make sure you're not living your life the way others want you to.

5. Eat what you like. This makes you stay inspired to the max. But do it with proper discipline and exercise. 

6. Express yourself fully and freely. This is another powerful way to stay inspired to the max! Do it even if you could offend someone. Just make sure what you express is the truth, and express it gently. Jesus offended many with his words (he even did it harshly at times) yet the thing made him stay inspired to the max.

7. You need to watch what inspires others and how. Like this one: MY INSPIRATION!

Malaliman. Deeply.

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