Tuesday, May 11, 2010

How to Stop Your Appetite

How would you like to stop your appetite pronto and make it operational again anytime you want? Is this possible? Of course. It all depends on one secret. If you learn the key to this wonderful feat, you're on your way to weight loss and fitness. So, how to stop your appetite? Listen to these Malaliman tips:

I really should be selling you this secret for a great price. But I decided to just give it away for free. Is it really effective? It is. I've been doing it for years and I've never grown overweight since. You need to know how to stop your appetite. Your life may depend on it. So here goes the secret....

Drink two to three tall glasses of cold water each time you feel the pangs of hunger. Well, except, of course, when it's time for a regular meal. But if you feel like eating a snack--and a big one--drink 3 tall glasses of cold water. If you still feel like eating, drink another glass. That's how to stop your appetite effectively.
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If you need to control your eating during meals, drink one or two tall glasses of cold water before meals. It lessens your appetite and you'd feel full. To avoid a bloated tummy, avoid drinking water right after eating a meal. Let 30 minutes to pass by. Do this and make it a habit and you master how to stop your appetite.
Feeding Your Appetites: Take Control of What's Controlling You

Okay. So you've learned how to stop your appetite. How do you make it operational again if you need to put back some weight on? Simple--just stop drinking water right before meals. Instead, drink water an hour before meals. This clears up your tummy and prepares it for ingesting. It also perks up your appetite--just make sure to have zero in-between snacks. 

So there you have it--how to stop your appetite, and put it back on operation. This requires discipline.

Malaliman. Deeply.

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