Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Ever heard of the word "Persnickety"? It's an adjective. When you're too fussy about details, especially unimportant ones, and you begin to be a pain in the neck being so, you're likely to be identified as persnickety--a person too affected by nitty-gritty details.

My brother is persnickety. He'd keep going back to a book case to make sure all the books lined up there are properly arranged and smartly aligned. So does my sister. She can't leave her bed to go to work unless all wrinkles are smoothed on the bed sheet, pillow cases, and blanket. Well, good for them they have a brother like me who keeps checking on them each minute to make sure they quit doing those things.
Don't be so Persnickety

I, Malaliman, used to have a persnickety boss. She would always call my attention to small details over and over again everyday. Then I also had a persnickety client who always phoned me about his orders and the deliveries almost every hour. So I decided to also be a persnickety sales agent--always avoiding my boss and client each minute and hour, respectively. I did this by being persnickety about asking my fellow sales agents about the time.

Then there was our persnickety accountant who always checked on my time record--asking me each minute about when I timed in and timed out in the morning, during breaks, at lunch time, and when it was time to go home--even the time when I reached home. Boy, it was one big persnickety job! What was our company's name? "Persnickety."

Malaliman. Deeply.

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