Wednesday, May 5, 2010

You Want Lower Electric Bills? Tips Your Meter Reader Won't tell You

They say that due to climate change electric bills have suddenly skyrocketed in Manila. Consequently, there's protest everywhere on doubled or tripled electric bill rates. One friend said her bill had always been P1400 a month or something like $30 a month. Last month she got a P2700 bill or $60, and that after so many brownouts!

So, what do we do? You want lower electric bills? Here are some tips your meter reader won't tell you: 

1.  Have a Doberman guarding your front gate, and let him lose around the compound. Make sure he's able to show his barking, angry face above the gate when he jumps at it. 

2. Cut down all trees along your street so that anyone whose job is to walk around the block to check on something won't have any shed to get relief from the sun's heat--and heat stroke is rampant today. 

3. Often visit hospitable friends whose guilt remains until they offer guests cold drinks and some relief from their electric fans or air conditioners.

4. Often stroll in SM malls. If possible, arrange with the head guard of a 24-hour store for some overnight accommodation.

5. At night, sleep on your roof. You won't believe how cool and refreshing it is up there at night.

6. Store your food and left overs in your stomach.

7. For cold drinks, look for neighbors who'd defrost their fridge and ask for all the ice they can come up with. 

8. Refrain from ironing clothes for a while. Just wear them, go out, and leave it to the sun to iron them out. 

9. To cool your head off and stop getting angry with your power suppliers, you need to see beautiful, peaceful sceneries. No, you don't have to spend much for this. Simply click this link: Beautiful scenes to stop anger.

By the way, I also wonder why electoral candidates do not touch on the subject. One candidate did his best to investigate the issue on cell phone bills but not this issue.

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