Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Simple Beauty of Nature: Nature Ruminations

I often hunger for the simple beauty of nature, so I'm often found on mountain sides in the spirit. I love watching thick, white mists lazily passing over trees and getting tangled in them for a while.

How I wish there were trees as tall and gracious as these in the backgrounds. Yes, even the city. Then there would plenty of shades and shadows to meditate in and reflect on life. ah, the simple beauty of nature!...Sigh! The picture above is of my dear wife in the hills of Trinidad in Benguet, Baguio.

I love looking at a nature scene from above, noting the depth of spaces, and how the hills roll steeply. I like God's views of things. It is spectacular and panoramic. You get a good idea of how things are--both the general and the detailed--requisites to appreciate the simple beauty of nature. Picture above was taken in the Baguio General Hospital premises.

It's amazing to imagine how God sees you from above, distant yet near--so near as to surround you and feel his breath on your skin. Yet, so far as to merely get a slight idea of him. Above is a picture of my dear wife taken in our community plaza in Project 8, QC.

I took a shot of the towering trees in Agbanawag, Nueva Ecija when we were there last year. I love trees and the height by which they grow, extending upward and reaching for God. I hope we can be the same---going nowhere but ever up and up! If only you could remain clinging to a tree as it grows...

I also love rice field sceneries, where the wide landscape carved by man and beast (or his machine) is still dominated by the simple beauty of nature, which stands ever more majestic than whatever man achieves. The scene just stands there for years, quiet, witnessing the glory of God on the expanse of sky just above it, daily. I wish we can discover that nothing is more important...

When I squint my eyes to look farther ahead (try it with the picture above), I get a strange peace that surpasses understanding. Also, a relaxing of the eyes and the muscles behind that work it. Thus, I love looking at the simple beauty of nature beyond...and much beyond. The ancient Japanese Zen masters loved looking afar in silent ponderous reflections. 

And how I also love to watch simple huts along a waterway amid sheltering, waving palm trees, all in the middle of a quiet rice field. The simple beauty of nature--keeps you looking for a hideaway in the countryside where life is simple, better, and there is peace.

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