Friday, April 9, 2010

How to Prevent Heat Stroke

Heat Stroke! The mere words can scare a's better prevented than cured. So don't wait till you drop due to extremely hot temperature. Know how to prevent heat stroke. Heat stroke may be life-threatening, so knowing how to prevent heat stroke is a must for everyone. Here are tips I learned from experience:

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1. Never join an election campaign rally in summer. It's not worth it. During a rainy day? Well, probably. If you have to, bring iced water in bottles--lots of them. Drink now and then, especially when the heat seems to overwhelm you. That's how to prevent heat stroke. And no matter if your van is air-conditioned. What if it breaks or malfunctions and you're in the middle of a hot nowhere? 
Be Cool

SPT SF-608R Portable Evaporative Air Cooler2. Gently wet your face now and then, but NOT your head--or you'd get a hard boiled head. That's not how to prevent a heat stroke. And talk less. Talking much on a hot day adds to body temperature. Talk softly and cool if you have to talk. Avoid heated arguments--wait for the rainy days. 

3. Stay out of the sun. Bringing an umbrella may help, but it's not enough. Stay out of the sun, still. It's better to seek refuge in a hut--make sure the roof is made of nipa, not GI sheets--and there gradually drink liquids (but not hot coffee). That's a practical way how to prevent heat stroke. 

4. Last, wear comfy shirts and shorts. Avoid thick fabrics. This is the best to get sexy with clothing--but please, don't be merely in your underwear. That's not my point. We're talking here of how to prevent heat stroke--not getting sexy. And DO NOT take a bath immediately after being under the sun. That's a no-no in how to prevent heat stroke. 
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Why do we get heat stroke? Because there's no cold stroke. Why do we get sun stroke? Because there's no moon stroke. Seriously, heat stroke is when the hot sun and the the hot vapor from a hot ground trap you like a sandwich. I think getting into the water of an uncovered pool is not a good idea. Just stay indoors where the ceiling is high and concretized and sip cool drinks there and meditate. 

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