Thursday, April 8, 2010

Going Outing to Calamba, Laguna

Calamba, Laguna 
Manilans often go to the countryside to escape summer heat in the city. So we're going to Calamba, Laguna tomorrow--5 families in all. We're getting 2 vans for this, because the yayas are coming, too. It's exciting, and a bit stressful, too. I wonder why preparations like this need to be stressful. Why not just go?

We're renting a private pool (there are 2 pools, one for kids and one for adults) with a house and a hut. I've not seen it, but it looks nice from what I hear. We're bringing cooked food, except for the rice which will be cooked at the site. This minimizes time spent for cooking and more time for swimming. 

Calamba, Laguna has lots of private pools with water supply coming from either hot or cold springs. The usual price is P5 to P8 thousand a day. We're not staying overnight, because next week we'll be in Agbanawag, Nueva Ecija to oversee the rice harvest. For now,it's swimming time in Calamba, Laguna. By the way, the pictures you see here were taken after this blog was written. So the article goes first. 

The private resort is near Mt. Makiling, the  mountain where Rizal was said to have spent mountain climbing with the Spanish guard assigned to him. He was then under house arrest. I hope to eat some grilled or fried fresh mud or cat fish there. The last time we went, the cat fish was really tasty. And we often buy hot coconut or "buko" pie, freshly baked. also lots of juicy watermelons. But what I really like about outings like this is taking pictures of rustic scenes, like this one on the left. I imagine how Rizal and people in his days must've walked on dirt roads like that. When the wind blows dust dance everywhere and ruin your face. Well, no matter. Outings are prone to ruin faces. No ruined faces, no fun. 

Philippines: EZ Map - Laguna (Sta. Cruz, Sta. Rosa, Calamba & San Pablo)
Historic Print (S): [Hauling sugarcane with caterpillar engine, Calamba sugar estate, Laguna, Philippines]I plan to read a lot in the Calamba Laguna resort this time, and reflect and meditate...and eat a lot.

Update! Update! Update!

We just went there and the picture of the pool is posted above. I was rushed to the hospital at noon because I felt weakness and dizziness. At the hospital, after the needed tests, they didn't see anything wrong with me except I seemed to lack enough sleep. So they told me to rest. Back in the resort, I slept in the air-conditioned room, and the rest followed my example. We slept! 

I felt okay afterwards. My bro-in-law had flu but got rid of it later by singing at the videoke stand. My sis-in-law developed crumps. My brother decided not to go because he might poo in the pool. It was a crazy trip. Well, at least I had a good read on my bible and an interesting chat with our drivers. That's the hut on the left where I read my bible and chatted with the drivers later. It was one hot but fun swimming and musing day in Calamba, Laguna! Next trip is Agbanawag, Nueva Ecija. We'll do some meditation and reflection there!

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