Thursday, July 12, 2012

So What If He's Good with Women?

I can never understand it. Okay, call me stupid but I can never understand why people admire and respect womanizers. And one who womanizes feels proud about the achievement. What achievement? What did he achieve by that? He destroys women's lives and future and you call that achievement? So what if he's good with women?

We all have mothers, I'm sure, and most of us love our mothers--and mothers are women. And thank God your mother didn't become a trophy of someone who was good with women. If she did, then the more you shouldn't make trophies of women. The plague has got to stop right there. It's a spiritual plague that easily spreads and there's no point being part of any of it.

Women are part of men. They're not just life partners--they're us, in a deeper sense, not because some women look like men (many are stronger than men) but because woman was derived from man's very DNA. The wife shares body with the husband because they're one flesh. In a bigger and deeper sense woman is the glory of man. You treat women as mere trophies, you destroy yourself.

Thus, many men today are miserable wrecks beneath their sophisticated facades and pretended fronts because they go on pursuing a false sense of achievement. They deeply believe that having had other women while married or having an affair with women outside marriage makes them wiser and better looking because of the experience. I've seen them. Building up an arrogant spirit deep within them because they feel superior, rich and wiser in the experience.

But they're rotting. A man treads a path he thinks leads to life, or stands on a golden pedestal he thinks reaches to the heavens, only to discover too late that the entire context is within hell. What would it benefit him if he traveled miles or stood on the highest peak, yet forfeited his soul? So what if he's good with women?

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