Thursday, November 25, 2010

Decision: Points for Taking Radical Risks

Decision PointsBe honest--have you really taken radical risks? How many? How often? Do you think radical risks are necessary? Or are you just content with your status quo, your comfort zone, the way things have always worked and have always been? When you come to decision points for taking radical risks it often reveals what you're really made of, what you really have in you, what you really hold on to.

Some people have never taken any radical risks all their lives. They live very orthodox lives, always preferring safety to change. Safety is good but you seldom reach your God-given potential through keeping safe. Imagine if the inventor of elevators never risked to construct and ride that strange box that lifted him to a hundred feet or so. Imagine if he had opted to stay safe. Then we'd still be climbing stairs up to the tenth floor. Well, in a sense,that would be good exercise for all of us. But how about hospital patients? 

Or worse, imagine if the inventor of stairs opted to play it safe and just constructed one-floor buildings. Or, if he constructed multi-story buildings, had opted to make us all climb ropes or simply build ramps which take up so much space. At the time he was to make the decision to build stairs it must have been a decision too radical--there wasn't yet a thing called "stairs." And folks must have thought he was nuts to even think of it.
There are times we must make radical risks even if no one understands us, or if people think we're stupid to make them. Of course, we must also be ready to take responsibility, because we don't know yet at the time what the radical risks would result to. A lot of radical risks are foolish and uncalled for, but a lot of them are also necessary. In fact, a lot of them are God's call for us, an assigned task. Moses risked his all to get a nation out of another bigger nation in the midst of cruelty and tyranny. What could be more silly?  And crossing  the sea on foot? Only time would tell how worthy radical risks are. And God? Well, He knows the end from the start. That's why we thank Him for the grace to recover from debacles. 

If someone makes radical risks, we're often part of it and either suffers or benefits, depending on the outcome. But that's life, especially when the one taking the risk is a person that heavily influences our life spheres. Don't worry about people or leaders who are at radical decision points that involve our lives, being at points for taking radical risks. I say don't worry because I believe in God's grace to save us from wrong decisions of national or global consequences. So, help us, God.

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