Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Thinking About Where to Eat

Thinking about where to eat---sometimes, with the plethora of posh and cozy restaurants around, you begin to tire of eating in them. You begin to look for places with delightful simplicity and yet food and ambiance quality is not compromised. You begin to look for a place to eat right in your community. But is there?

I'm sure you have had such quest before--looking for a place to eat. Especially on a Sunday lunch or supper, when you want to simply relax and order food and eat. No dishes to wash after (That's one the best parts my son enjoys. He washes the dishes). 
Once, I had this quest--I wanted to find a place to eat right in our neighborhood. A good one. But it seemed the more I tried, the more I was at a loss where to eat. It became a ponderous thing to me--thinking about where to eat. Well, I thought I found a place to eat once--it was a tricycle ride away from my place--where the food was right and tasty and the place was comfy. But the servings were too small. The bowls the food came in were the size of coffee cups. "No, we didn't order for coffee. We want lunch!" And one time, when my bible disciples and my family were having lunch there, the waiter accidentally poured a bowl of soup right on one of us! Of course, we understood, and we just laughed out loud. But we never ate there again, not because of that incident, but because of my quest for a place to eat. Where to eat that satisfies.

I tried another one quite near from our place. They cooked native dishes superbly, but they majored on pork and oily dishes. And there were too many flies around. So, the quest went on, until I almost lost interest. I went back to fastfoods and other cheap restaurants. Then one day I discovered one eatery just right under my nose!

They served healthy native dishes (their pork and beef dishes were bereft of oil and fats), delicious, very reasonably priced, and an order was good for two persons! And the place? It was simple yet presentable, without being over designed. The theme was Filipinianan enough. My favorite there is the fried lumpia, which is not oily, crackles delightfully to the bite, full of veggie wonders, with enough meat, and the sweet-sour sauce is simply wonderful! And the free soup is really something else!
They also offer superb Dinuguan, Choy Suey, Kare-Kare, Sinigang varieties, grilled and fried varieties, and other dishes. They also have native sweets for take-out or dine-in. The puto-kutchinta was simply amazing! The leche flan, bibingka, casava, and others were equally excellent. And the meals are always cooked fresh. We've been eating there almost each Sunday lunch, and there's no more doubt, thinking about where to eat. It's a place to eat for people like me who want to simplify things and do away, as much as possible, with too much unnecessary complications. 

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