Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Sa Sulyap Lang Kita Namamasdan

La Danza Filipiniana Volume 2
Talinghaga ng puso, di ka matitigan. Subsob ang nguso! Mas enjoy kang sulyapan! Pag di mo puna, mas lalo kang gumaganda. Kaya't mas maigi pang, sa sulyap ka mamasdan. Pati nga pangit nagiging marikit, kapag sinisilip ng matang pinaliliit.

Seeing from the corners of your eyes--it's a surefire way of seeing everything, every minute detail of things, every nook and cranny. Few relish the delights of squinting. A wide eye looks at everything but sees nothing. A free spirit is focused nowhere but sees all. When you make it a habit to see things like this, you develop a calm disposition, and that's actually de-stressing, says some experts. If it's a habit for you to see things with wide open eyes, you'd feel the stress around the eye sockets, and soon the stress goes up your forehead. No wonder Japanese meditation masters stand for countless hours focused on a leaf or flower with half-closed or squinting eyes.
Live Well with One Spirit: Exercises and Meditations to Free Your Spirit and Fulfill Your Dreams

Ang di makita'y naaaninag. Kaya't mas mainam ang maka-aninag kesa maka-kita.

Have you seen a cat sing and a bird hunt? Or a shoe humming? Some people see crocodiles cry and shed tears, but I see worlds behind every tear. We see more with half-closed eyes than with a telescope. I easily see both the parking lot and the mall where the parking lot used to be, and quickly glimpse the kid and the man he has grown up to be at the same time. In shadows linger true characters, so that shadows give us better images--and precisely why film negatives are developed in the dark, with a mere squint of light. Try developing films in bright light and see what you'll have.

Kaya nga't si mamang astigin, naka-shades kung mani-ngin. Di dahil jahe siya o sobrang porma--kundi maka-sulyap ng mas bongga.

Moral of the blog: Don't look. Wear shades. Never grab it all--just catch the whole.

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