Saturday, April 10, 2010

Problems on Hair: Hair Where It Shouldn't Be

Hair is among the biggest, most serious problems man has to face in his life on earth. I have always meditated and deeply thought about problems on hair, like why hair grows mostly in areas you don't want it to. It's supposed to grow on your head but it grows long instead in your nostrils--and then you're bald! Queer. Why don't they allot budget for this at the Senate for the national Science department to study about?

Problems on hair has been going on since biblical times. Samson's power was grounded on how long his hair was--it symbolized his faithfulness--and when he had it cut, so did he with his faithfulness. The Nazirites, as Samson and Elijah had been, vowed never to cut their hair. There's something about hair that affects our strength, and this is not just folks' tales. Problems on hair should be taken seriously. 
The Hair-Loss Cure: A Self-Help Guide

Thus, here on Pala-Isip, we regard problems on hair something to be reflected seriously upon. I've tried a little research on the connection between hair and body health but I haven't had any luck--the websites are either on hair or on body hair. Some have both but are nonetheless treated separately--never establishing any link between hair and health. Pala-Isip might be the first to do this research on the connection between problems on hair and problems on physical strength. 

Another thing on problems on hair--you can't seem to enjoy both worlds. It's either you have hair on your head and none on your chest, or vice versa. Some have neither, and you see them suffering through life--especially in their sex life. Why? Is there any connection? maybe, someday, we might just feature such problems on hair here. Write me if you want this article.

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